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Posted On

04 Sep 2019

How I learned to manage my time for study and work

So you’re an international student here in a foreign land trying to manage your time for study and work. It can be pretty difficult to study well and at the same time, work for a living. But there are ways to bring the right amount of balance in your life.

Following are some of the ways that I learned to manage my time:


  1. Plan ahead

 Most of the people don’t think this makes a difference. But if you plan your day, then you will remember all the necessary details.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin


Planning means going through all the activities that you have to do. So, whether it is work or study, planning about what to do at which time makes it easier to know about the daily tasks and remember them all.


Planning is the first step to preparation. So, before you start your day, remember all the things you need to do. Make a To-Do list if you must. Proper planning leads to better organization. Now, if you have to submit an assignment or pay the bill of something, the plan will help you remember them.


2. Keep track

 Keeping track means knowing what you have accomplished. Suppose you had a busy day and spend a bit extra on the groceries. Even if it is an extra pack of butter, you will not know what you spent on unless you keep track of it.


Keeping track of your expenses, your time spent studying or working will help you stay aware of your productivity. This way, you will know what to give more priority to or when to give more priority to the activities you choose.


Working and studying at the same time can be frustrating, and there are a lot of things to handle this way. So, forgetting things is much like an inescapable reality. Keeping tracks will help you know how much you have accomplished. It is also one of the best ways to set up a positive mindset.


So keep track of your activities. You can set them daily, weekly or even monthly depending on how long they need tracking.


3. Always focus on priorities and urgency.

 There are times when there is so much to do, but you don’t know where to start. Managing time for work and study is also an art, an art to organizing your life. So, which one do you begin with?


All the works and tasks have their importance. Depending on which one is of the most importance, take your time performing that. Let’s say you have exams coming up, but your supervisor extended your work. 


Of course, as a student, exams are essential. So, you have to arrange for making someone else cover your work shift and take time to study. Your replacement can ask you to cover his/her shift in the future.


You can finish your tasks and daily activities based on which is more important based on the priority and which one is urgent. The same rule applies when shopping and utilizing your hard-earned money.


4. Say ‘No’ to multitasking.

 Next, since you already know which work to finish first, make sure you do only the task that you are currently performing. If you are working, do not try to multitask and remember about your studies.


Moreover, do not try to multitask and do other tasks when you are studying. If you are studying, make sure you are only doing that. The messy your work, the messier the result is.

“Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.”

- Gary W. Keller


So do not get muddled when people say multitasking is going to turn you into a superman. In hopes of fixing everything — you might lose control of everything. Don’t screw up; do it one step at a time!


5. Don’t underestimate the proper resources to study.

 Sometimes you might think that you won’t need certain things that will make an impact in your study. Now, these are not the only things like pens and pencils but also has to do with the proper environment you are studying.


We tend to forget that it is essential to feel good mentally. But it is, indeed, an important aspect to focus on. Studying in a bright, airy room rather than a dark closed room is difficult. It makes a difference in your mentality and your ability to focus on your studies.


Likewise, don’t get scared to invest in all the items you need to do your assignments or to study.


6. Rest well and have a healthy diet

 And last but not least is proper rest and a healthy diet. 

“Happiness is the highest form of health.”

-Dalai Lama


Everything seems under control when you are healthy and happy. You have the energy to go and get things done. And even the most successful people believe that consuming healthy meals and getting adequate rest is the key to life.


So, trust me when I say this. You cannot solve anything if you do not feel good inside — includes both physical and mental well-being. If you are not well, then you cannot work well either.


Make sure you take care of yourself. Everybody has their own way of bringing balance in their life, and you can choose the ones that are best for you.