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Posted On

14 Oct 2019

My Day in Opera House

It was the morning of a summer weekend that I and my friend had planned to visit the Opera House of Sydney. I woke up feeling lazy and not so excited because I thought there wasn’t much there until the moment when I finally stepped on the entrance.


Fortunately, my friend Ashley did a lot of research before we visited so she seemed to have a lot of knowledge about the building. As soon as I looked up to see how big the Opera House was, Ashley said that it took 14 years to complete the construction of this glorious triumph. “14 years !!” I thought to myself. I got startled as I continued looking around.


My Day In Opera House


Then I overheard some visitor saying that the Opera House’s signature roof had 1,056,006 Swedish tiles to make it. On top of that, they were also saying that there were single columns that supported every tile. I told Ashley, she nodded and explained this is the reason why the Opera House is the largest free-standing pillar on the planet.


We continued the tour and it was bigger than I imagined. There are more than 1000 individual rooms inside the Opera House and there are also restaurants, cafes, and bars. Little did I know that the architecture got inspiration for the building design while he was peeling an orange. No wonder the top looks like orange peels. Other sources of inspirations were ancient Mayan temple and palm fonds.


The crowd was a little annoying because we went early. The evening is the best time to visit the Opera House because it is the time around sunset and there is less crowd. The Opera House Time starts from 9 AM and we reached there at 10 AM. The last opening time is at 5 PM. Sydney Opera House Access Tour runs every day at noon And I came to learn that the Opera House is open every day besides Christmas and good Friday of Easter.


But in the evening, there is less or no chance of visiting theatres because there are performances lined up. Unless you are there to watch the performances, you are not allowed to enter.


The crowd also made me believe how fascinating this monument is. It was also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ashley told me that there are more than 8 million visitors in a year. Both of us were among those visitors which was quite amusing to think of, to be honest.


Other than theatres, there were studios, concert halls, rehearsal rooms and more. I came to know that the roof of the Opera House is also called The Shells. There is a performance centre that is famous for the European singing style. The concert hall seemed and was the biggest space in the entire house.


We took a lot of pictures that we decided to post on Instagram. All of them came out pretty good. Opera House is a very important place for Australians and it changed my mind after that day. I did not dislike the place but seeing the picture everywhere made me feel like it was a common location, but I was wrong and my visit there exceeded my expectations.


We - famished by the end of our tour - decided to go to the Bennelong Restaurant but we remembered we had other plans to meet friends for dinner. It was already evening and we did not realize we spend about half of the day there. We watched the sunset for some time where the part of the sky seemed as if it was partially galvanized in gold. After a while, we headed out to dinner.


We had to talk so much about the Opera House over dinner that others decided they have to visit someday too. Ashley did not say this but she pre-booked our tickets which is why we could visit that day and told others to pre-book too.