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Posted On

06 Sep 2019

What I wish I knew before working in Australia as an international student

What I wish I knew before working in Australia as an international student


Studying abroad also includes having a job to pay your bills and fees, which can be pretty tricky. No one will teach you what you should and should not know. And these are the things that most of the international students learn to figure out on their own.


Following are some of the information that you need to work in Australia as an international student.


  1. The policy

 The policy and system can be different than the ones from your home country. Of course, your student visa allows you to work, but there are time limitations. An international student can work 40 hours per fortnight for full-time and as much as they want for part-time during their holidays.


Furthermore, the lowest wage that you deserve is AUD 19.49 per hour according to the latest update. Remember this, but you can expect to get up to AUD 24 if they pay better. These are the amount before tax. 


While the standard system of payment is at the end of the month or beginning of the next month, Australia pays workers at the end of each week. So that makes the weekly payment amount about AUD 740.80.


Also, as an international student, you can start working only after the full enrollment of your course for both full-time and part-time jobs. 


  1. What you need for a job

 Before you apply for any job no matter at what part of the world, you need specific requirements. To work in Australia, you need some as well.


  • Tax File Number

  • RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) or Barista Training

  • An updated CV

  • An Australian Bank account (better to have one)


In case you want a job post that you have previous working experience, you need extra:


  • A letter of the prior employer / Experience letter / Reference


The certificates are useful for the types of job you will do in Australia. While the certificates are possible to get in your home country before coming to Australia, an Australian Bank account is better to have. It saves you from losing wages to transfer and exchange rates.


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2. Where and how to find a job

 This part is difficult only if you don’t know the details. Thanks to the internet, you can search for many jobs online. There are job opportunities for backpackers too.


  • One of the popular websites is

  • Contact your educational institution

  • Newspapers are still a very reliable source

  • Look up in notice boards of your institutions and other places

  • Better to register in recruitment firms and they might have the best jobs for you


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3. What kinds of job you can get

 Getting an office work is rare unless you have the experience. There are, yet, varieties of job types that are easy to understand.


  • Retails stores like supermarkets and clothing stores

  • Tourism and hospitality sectors like hotels, restaurants and bars

  • Sales and telemarketing roles like in call centres

  • Administration roles like a receptionist

  • Tutoring


4. What your rights when working on a student visa

 Finally, there is no rule that only you are the one to adjust to everything. You have the right and the facilities you deserve. If you are unaware, then you have the right to receive the least wage.


Likewise, you can take leaves, breaks, and rest periods that you need. There is also a system of superannuation where you can claim a certain amount of money back if you resign or leave the country.


And you also deserve a healthy and safe working environment.