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What is a cookie?

A cookie refers to the record of your browsing history. While surfing on the internet, or visiting a website, your device receives a cookie in your web browser.

Cookies consist of the user's information on the visit of the website. Cookies are useful to track the activity of users on a website. This way, if you (user) decide to visit the site for the second time, the web browser history will suggest the part of the website that you visit the most.

Our Cookie Policy

Cookies do not allow the server (G2A) to gain access to the personal information of the users. We only obtain the information that the user chooses to give when they contact us.

Other than this, G2A only uses the activity history of the user. Hence, they are harmless.

What types of cookies do we use?

The type of cookie we use is the session cookie. As a user, you have full access to select or deselect on the "Remember login" checkbox. This will save your details when you use the website for the next time. When the user exits the browser, the entire session expires, but the log in detail remains. Until and unless the user decides to clear the cookies on browser manually, the detail remains. 

First-Party Cookies

The first-party cookie that we use is set by our website with server's access to the mentioned information only.

Third-Party Cookies

The third-party cookie refers to the advertising networks and other external web traffic services. G2A does not have any control over these types of cookies. They are mostly targeting cookies and handled by Google Analytics.

How to manage cookies?

As a user, you can choose to accept cookies on your device. Note that the website will interact with you better if you wish to accept cookies.