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Posted On

24 Sep 2019



Universities in Adelaide










Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. Separated by Torrens River, Adelaide has two divisions: Adelaide and North Adelaide. The eastern side of Adelaide is the Australian Hills and about 70km west are coastlines and sandy beaches. Adelaide is one of the most welcoming and multicultural cities in the world.


The South Australians or the croweaters are welcoming to people from every part of the world and they truly and genuinely accept and love cultures from everywhere. Adelaide has more than 200 diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. And there are also multiple groups for multicultural events.


Multiple clubs and community groups in the city also makes it a place for many nationalities, languages, and cultures.



There are aboriginals from different tribes but the major ones are the Kaurna people. They might be from a few pages of history but they are still important and Adelaide still respects their culture. The Adelaide plains - from Port Broughton to Cape Jervis - are the traditional land of the Kaurna tribe.


Back from the history of the Kaurna people, the cultures and arts represent them loudly in Adelaide. This also explains how important arts and culture are in this city. Not only the native origins, but Adelaide have equal respect for every religion, origin, culture, and language.


With the Mediterranean climate, Adelaide has dry summers and wet winters. But there are few slight drizzles in the summers too. The other two seasons are autumn and spring. Adelaide is the driest capital city of Australia. 


Adelaide is the first city to abolish sexual and racial discrimination. Adelaide also doesn’t have capital punishment and give equal voting rights to women. This state is liberal and people have a free-thinking nature.



Melbourne - the fifth-largest city of Australia - is a completely safe city with easy access to all the facilities. These free-spirited croweaters work together to make the city a sustainable place to live in. From transportation to all the accommodations, Adelaide is a city for all age groups and people here live in harmony.


There are wide varieties of sports and recreational centres, religious monuments, event clubs according to your interests. There are also many hotels/motels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts available that you can find easily for a place to live in. They are available in different price ranges and are pretty affordable.



An interesting fact is that Adelaide also has the name of the “20 minutes city”. This is because no matter what part of the city you are, you can reach to your destination within 20 minutes. This is possible because of the easy access to transportation here in Adelaide.


Buses, trains, and trams are the most common means of transport here and you need a metroCARD for payments. This is a rechargeable card that you can recharge easily online, varieties of the shop, or even in universities and campuses. There are also Uber services that are quite popular in Adelaide.


Moreover, you can completely rely on bicycles too. There are amazing lanes that are safe for cycling in Adelaide. People love to take a stroll down the city with their bikes or as a daily means of transport - especially in the suburban streets. 



If you want, you can also hire a bike and they also give you a helmet. And there are plenty of parking spaces available for bike parking. Adelaide is also an excellent place to just walk around if your destination doesn’t require any transportation. As for buses and trams, there is a service of free rides too that are in the centre of the city. The tickets are cheap and midnight services are available as well. 


If you are capable enough to have your vehicle then Adelaide also has the facility where your home country driver’s license will make you eligible to drive here legally. But make sure the date is still valid and is with certified English translation.


You can also have an International Driving Permit from your home country in this case.


Adelaide is also one of the most affordable cities. The residential locations with a friendly community can also help you build up relationships with different members. The council’s sustainability programs also contribute to making the facilities of the city better and liveable for everyone. The streets are well-planned and the main street of Adelaide is King William Street for easy accessibility.


The Adelaide Economic Profile includes Gross Regional Product, local jobs/business, employment rate, population, industry structures, and more.


Even for travellers, Adelaide has all the services they need from the internet, dining, currency exchange, banking, and more. The facilities and services are special because of the planned organization here. The people build a community that is safe for everyone and it is also a fine place for families and children.



The city is eco-friendly and also maintains the carbon emission. Moreover, the simplicity of Adelaide makes this city loveable and liveable. There are hubs for certain age groups, activities and purposes. The city is homely and the community collaborates to achieve something positive and sustainable.


International Students in Adelaide

Adelaide is the city of students. With the warm and welcoming nature of the people, it will feel like a home away from home for international students. Not only because of the people, but the facilities and easy accessibility as mentioned above contribute to the easy living in Adelaide for International students.


The Central Business District of Adelaide also has free WiFi. Simple needs are available and their student life can be easier than expected in this beautiful city. International students also have special privileges here - cheap transportation tickets are one.



Moreover, the multiple community groups in Adelaide also includes student clubs. Now, with studies in its place, students can also join the groups that suit their interests. There are wide ranges of schools, universities, and libraries that International students can have access to.


Adelaide is famous for the education system here so International students can trust this city for their education. The educational excellence of the city has also gained itself a Nobel Prize Capital. Likewise, Adelaide also allows introducing and exposing students to big ideas.


The arts and festivals add another highlight to your student life here. Because International students feel at ease here, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has also marked Adelaide as the 5th liveable city in the world.


There is not one reason to feel burdened here since Adelaide welcomes students from everywhere and not only because of the friendly nature, but also the privilege they can have and because of the educational excellence. The universities here are internationally recognized and if students want, they can also choose a private institution or join vocational training.


International students can also live close to the city centre to gain all the quick access to facilities and also to the night-life. The Adelaide City Council Community Centres are also in residential areas.


Furthermore, since Adelaide is quite affordable, students can also save up more and use it for further processes. They can invest in their property, have an affordable living, and pay for their fees with comparatively less effort.



The variety of courses, programs also come with discounts and scholarships along with the recognition and awards that students deserve. The programs also come with professional career opportunities and the degrees are also accepted around the world.


Some of the best universities in Adelaide are the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University, and Torrens University. Other specialized universities include Carnegie Mellon University, Kathleen Lumley College, University of Adelaide Business School, and University of Adelaide School of Dentistry.


Adelaide: The food and wine capital

Before we get to the food, let’s take time to know more about the wine. Wine is also one of the main highlights of Adelaide. You can take a weekend trip in the hills to try some of the finest wines with overnight stay accommodations.


Adelaide also has some of the world-famous wine regions. Barossa is one of the top places for wine and pride of South Australia. It is on the northeast side of Adelaide and has three other cities within it: Tanunda, Angaston, and Nuriootpa. 



McLaren Vale is another top wine region for some of the finest drinks. Shiraz, Grenache, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Tempranillo are some of the finest productions of McLaren Vale. If this doesn’t fancy you enough, there are others like Viognier, Marsanne, Roussane, Barbera, and Sangiovese. The McLaren Vale wineries and cellar doors are a must place to visit.


Have the perfect compliment with your glass, or even a bottle of fine wine with a gorgeous view of South Australia. Have some delicious local produce along with it and enjoy your time with ultimate relaxation.


Fun Fact:

Did you know that South Australia produces 50% of all Australian wines?

Yup, that’s true. South Australia is home to the National Wine Centre and multiple foods and wine events. You can also meet the winemakers in person and listen to their stories of art. You can have the best experience during winter. Spend your time in a classy way!”


Then comes food. You can have deliciously hearty feasts in most of the laneways and corners of Adelaide. If that is not enough then there are award-winning restaurants in the heart of Adelaide city. With satisfaction to your taste-buds come vibrant night scenes. The perfect ambience of cotton candy sky from the sunset makes it magical.



Adelaide has small bars, and restaurants on every corner so its good to grab a bite on the go, or with your friends. There are easy hangout spots for the young ones as well.


If you visit Adelaide Central Market, you can find fresh produce like cheese, smoked meat, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and more. If you have a hidden chef inside you, then you can shop your favourite ingredients and create your own cheese/fruit platter to go with your bottle of wine. 


If you are looking for a specific place then do visit Say Cheese and The Smelly Cheese Shop. Also, try out the Bird in Hand and Ther Lane Vineyard for a perfect combination of your favourite wine and your favourite dishes.


Festivals and Music of Adelaide

Adelaide is full of musical events and festivals all year round. This city - the food and wine capital - is also the festival capital of Australia. There are festivals and events for students, music, arts, theatres, food-lovers, and cultures from around the world.


For international students, there are festivals like OzAsia, Moon Lantern Festival, and Tasting Australia, Festival of Arts. These festivals fall in the winter and spring. 


There are also other festivals other than for the international students in winter and spring. They are the Adelaide Cabaret Festival that happens as soon winter starts. Then there are others like Aussie Rules Football (AFL), SALA Festival, Royal Adelaide Show, and Adelaide Fashion Festival.



Meanwhile, during summer and autumn, there are festivals like Santos Tour Down Under, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide 500, and WOMAdelaide. There are also other community groups like the Chinese welfare group, KPop fan meetups, multicultural cooking classes, and more. 


With priorities to the musical sector, Adelaide is the first UNESCO City of Music. Beside WOMAdelaide, other music festivals are the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Umbrella: Winter City Sounds. With WOMAdelaide being the most popular one, Adelaide Guitar Festival is the most popular guitar festival in Southern Hemisphere.


Adelaide is truly a musical city. Music is one of the most preferred forms of entertainment, and Adelaide has been a famous city of remarkable artists since the 60s. During the 60s, there were musicians like Zoot, The Master’s Apprentices, and The Twilights.



But the 60s wasn’t the only musical era of Adelaide. During the 70s, there were bands like Little River Band, Stars, Paul Kelly, and Eric Bogle. Continuing to the 80s era, there were the Cold Chisel, The Angels, and No Fixed Address. Even in the 90s, artists like Guy Sebastian and Sia Furler are from Adelaide.


Moreover, there are also musical institutions where you can study music as a subject. The musical institutions in Adelaide are Elder Conservatorium, Sia Furler Institute, and James Morrison Academy of Music.


Travel / Entertainment

From green parks and quiet places to epic winter getaways, Adelaide is the fusion of both laid-back chill environment and extreme landscapes. Either in the sandy beaches of the west or the hills on the east, experience multiple sides of fun and entertainment.


Also, as one of the most affordable cities, you can shop as you desire. Some of the top places to shop for is the Rundle Mall - located at the heart of the city. Rundle Malls has many departmental stores, fashion stores, and food stalls. You can find most of the products you want to buy from Rundle Mall. For clothing and fashion stores, you can also try the Gilles Street Market.



Stop by the4 Westfield Marion and the Westfield Tea Tree Plaza to have plenty of options in your shopping time while travelling to Adelaide.


Or, as mentioned above, Adelaide Central Market is a top place to shop for local produce. There is a diverse range of foods available and they are of high quality with affordable price. For food shopping, there are other places like Adelaide Farmer’s Market and Market Shed on Holland. Stirling Laneway is also a good spot for fresh foods, pop-up stalls and live entertainment.


There are also many local markets for boutiques, local arts, and crafts. So, make time to visit these places while travelling in Adelaide.


Shopping is a part of travelling, but Adelaide is a special place to shop for Opal. Opal is a gemstone that represents desire and passion for love. Adelaide is the city to shop for Opal if you visit. Likewise, you can shop at Norwood Parade for homeware goods and Magill Road for art and antiques.



Then, if you are into films, visit the Westfield Marion - the largest cinema complex in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, try visiting Kangaroo Island or a local wildlife park. These are the true dose of entertainment and you can easily book tickets online.


Visit the cultural venues and monuments in the Park Lands. Park Land is also a good place to visit to chill and for some light fitness activities. You can also visit people and have a friendly chat.


There is a small town of Hahndorf in Adelaide where you can find German influence. It is also a tourist spot where the streets and shops give off old German appearance. Make sure you also visit this old town with the oldest surviving German settlement. If you visit this town, you feel like you are in a different part of the world.


Speaking of the old town, there is another town in the coastal area. Port Adelaide has significant heritage buildings. They are well-preserved and tourists love to visit this coastal town as well. Likewise, the older highlights also include the South Australian Museum and the National Aboriginal Culture Institute.



North Terrace has the most important cultural institutions that have the Art Gallery of South Australia with more than 30,000 artworks. For the world’s largest collection of cultural artefacts, visit the South Australian Museum.


Adelaide has many cities with historical architectural designs made to fascinate you with the remarkable skill that people had at an earlier age. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is the oldest church in this city and has a fascinating architectural design.


Let’s not forget the coastal sides of Adelaide as there are some hidden gems to this place. The Southern side of Adelaide has the finest scenic beauty of South Australia. The special coastal towns are Victor Harbor, Willunga, Normanville, Goolwa, Yankalilla, and Rapid Bay.


These places are a heaven of South Australia and also have famous culinary beauty to it. With wineries and cellar doors, there is the famous Fleurieu Penninsula. Get friendly with the Adelaide Hills and Hanford Hill.


Mind-boggling species:

There is a strange pine forest near Glencoe in the Limestone Coast where you can hunt Ghost mushrooms. Ghost mushrooms - Omphalotus Nidiformis - are a strange kind of fungus that glow with a green light in the dark and grows after late autumn rain throughout winter. Sounds impossible but it is because of the chemical reaction between fungal enzymes and oxygen. This is a great seasonal experience that is only allowed in May and June.



Even if you cannot experience this strange plant, you can still have another marvellous moment. During the time of June to September, the whales migrate to the South Australian Coast and you can witness the whales here. Try the river cruise, have mountain bike adventure or swim with the dolphins. 


Adelaide is amazing and an incredible place to travel and to live.