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Posted On

23 Sep 2019



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Beginner's Guide to Australian Slangs

You might be good at English and have a good score in IELTS. But sometimes Australian slangs can make you feel bewildered. They are of extreme fun to use in your language but only if you understand them.


The might say “Fair Dinkum” and you might be bamboozled with what that means. Australian Slang or Aussie Slang is much more than the word “mate”. If you don’t understand what the Aussie’s are saying, you might not be able to communicate well. Don’t worry the slangs don’t change the entire language, but only a few words.


Here is a guide to most commonly used Australian Slangs if you are a beginner.


Aggro: Angry

“He got so aggro at his parents that he left the house.”


Fair Dinkum: True, to confirm with the truth, something that is good

“The quality of the clothes were fair dinkum.”


Sheila: A woman

“A sheila in front held the door for me.”


Arvo: Afternoon

“He reached home in the arvo.”


Barbie: Barbeque

“Let’s enjoy some barbie this evening.”


Dodgy: Poor quality / not reliable / suspicious

“This application is dodgy, it crashes on my phone all the time.”


Spud: A Potato

“We had some mashed spud with gravy for dinner.”



Mozzie: Mosquito

“Be careful of the mozzie when you go camping.”


Brekky: Breakfast

“We left after a filling brekky.”


Avo: Avocado

“John served us some delicious avo toast.”


Biro: Pen

“I gave him a biro as a birthday gift.”


Frothing: To be excited or enthusiastic.

“Rebecca is frothing for the John Mayer concert next week.”


Esky: Ice cooler

“Hey, Peter! Go grab a drink from the esky.”



Servo: Service station/gas station

“Before we head to Tom’s place, we need to stop at the servo.”


Chuck a sickie: Taking a day off by faking sickness.

“Oh come on attend the party. Chuck a sickie from work that day.”


Feral: Disgusting

“That is so feral of Sean to chew loudly in front of the client.”


Bludge: Not trying hardest.

“If he didn’t bludge, he would have aced the exams.”


Good on ya!: Good for you.

“Oh, you got the job there, good on ya!”


Macca: McDonald’s

“Let’s go grab a bite at Macca.”



Bottle-o: Liquor store

“There’s a bottle-o right across the street.”


Bees Knees: Of high quality.

“The burgers were bees knees there.”


Bathers: Swimming costume.

“I’d love to play in the water but I forgot to bring my bathers.”


Beyond the black stump: Middle of nowhere.

“He said he knew a shortcut but we ended up beyond the black stump.”


Bingle: A minor car accident.

“Don’t worry I’m fine. It was just a bingle.”


Bloke: An Australian man.

“The bloke from the 3rd floor invited me for dinner.”


Blow your dough: Spend all your money.

“Don’t blow your dough over unnecessary things.”


Blue: To have an argument.

“John and Samantha are in a blue again.”



Mad at a cut snake: Crazy

“Robin went mad at a cut snake at work.”


Mate’s rate: At a special price for close ones.

“I’ll give you for $10. It’s a little mate’s rate for you.”


Rack off: Go away.

“Rack off! I don’t need your help.”


Schmick: Stylish

“Jessica came in a pretty schmick attire today. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.”


Seedy: Hungover

“I’m was pretty seedy the next morning after his birthday.”



Full as a goog: Full after eating.

“I can’t have another bite, I’m full as a goog.”


Juice: Petrol

“My car needs some juice to reach there.”


Digger: Australian soldier

“He served as a digger for 15 years.”


These are some among many Australian slangs. Of course, you will learn as time passes by but going through these daily language slangs will help you boost up your confidence. No one is perfect while speaking and few errors are always acceptable. Enjoy while you learn!