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Posted On

18 Mar 2020



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Impact of CORONA VIRUS on International Students living in Australia

For those who are living or planning to live in Australia as an international student


Is it safe to travel to Australia? The most common question we hear these days. After the worst of Bushfire in Australia, the international students now fear the Corona Virus outbreak. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 as an epidemic. The international emergency of this kind is already having a massive impact on universities, schools, and international students. As per the source, the concerned authorities of Australia are doing their best to manage the risk of COVID-19 with the travel restriction, and self-quarantine for 14 days. Foreign nationals returning from the mainland of China are banned from entering Australia.


As a current or prospective student, you are concerned about the impact of the Corona Virus. As a part of the commitment, we are here to answer your questions and concerns. Readout this article for further details.


How Corona Virus is affecting the whole world?


Young womens on a train wearing a mask



Global Economy


Schools and colleges are closed! Massive popular events and football matches are cancelled! The scenario of sports without fans! Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, MotoGP Race in Qatar and Thailand, WWE Champion Wrestling to name a few. Along with this, the concerned authorities of some countries with larger Corona Virus infections have set strict quarantine. Going to quarantine means people can't go to work for certain days. The measures to prevent novel pandemic have directly affected the global economy and the rate of unemployment. 


Travel Bans and Cancellation


While some countries have already executed travel bans, those who are operating also cancelled the flights from and to parts of Europe and Asia for economical reasons. As planes are too expensive to operate with the fewer people travelling these days. However, the situation changes daily. It is worth checking the WHO website for updated information. 


World Health Organization Risk Assessment


On the time we published this article, there were 184,975 confirmed cases, 7,529 deaths, and 159 countries, areas or territories with cases reported on the WHO website. Besides China, the top ten countries with the cases are Itlay, Iran, Spain, Republic of Korea, France, Germany, United States of America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. For the daily risk assessment update, check the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website. 


How will the coronavirus affect me if I live in Australia?


Even though Novel Corona Virus has not influenced the lifestyle of Australian people, there are already 375 cases reported in Australia at the time of publishing this article. To prevent Corona Virus from spreading further, Australia has applied certain preventive measures. 


Mixed race wearing protective masks and holding board with a Quarantine written on it


According to the Financial Times, "Australia imposes tough self-isolation on travellers arriving in the country". Life in Australia is normal. However, if you want to live in Australia, you have to self isolate yourself for 14 days based under a new policy. Again, the governmental policy is set to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus. Also, Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison have introduced some of the social distancing measures. Under these measures, cruise ships are banned for the next 30 days from 15th March 2020, and gatherings of more than 500 people are banned along with shaking hands. The government is working further to protect other areas from infection. If you are already living in Australia, then it is best not to visit Corona Virus-infected areas until and unless it settles down. 


Things To Do, 


If you are studying in Australia


Australian Government is being very flexible to manage the situation. Hence, we are pleased to inform you that, you just have to "Self-Quarantine" for 2-3 weeks if you arrive from affected countries in Australia. Moreover, it will not affect your Visa Conditions to compulsorily attend the class each week. To cover up this, many schools and universities are providing an online course. This way you can continue the course from home. 


If you want to return your home country from Australia


Some flights to Asia and Europe are not the same as before. So, Get regular Airline Updates. Also, it's best to watch some local news in your home country, and how the government is taking actions to prevent infection. As the situation in your home country may not be the best. 


If you have plans to go to Australia


Right now, Australia is an isolated country with a few cases of Corona Virus. It is the best place to be right now! The government have arranged necessary actions, services, and measures to prevent the spreading of the virus. Moreover, the government is actively investing $2 million federal grant to develop a vaccine against Corona Virus. 


young asian girl wearing mask


Whether you are arriving or already in Australia, rest assured! As an international student, you will get the same access to the information, support, and care from the Australian government. For any kind of help and support, read about COVID-19 student support.


Finally, you can go through for updated details on the Corona Virus.