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Posted On

24 Sep 2019



Universities in Adelaide










Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is at the northern end of Port Phillip Bay. It is the second-largest city of Australia after Sydney with an area covering 9992.5 sq. km. With its proud history in culture, diversity, arts, and food, Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world. 


Melbourne has ranked the top among 140 world’s major cities of the world as the most liveable one for 6 consecutive years. This was according to the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) that ranked Melbourne on top as per the status of healthcare, education and other infrastructures. Melbourne also has 79 local councils who are responsible for the accountable government services of the city.


Melbournians love their culture and still follow the older traditions and norms. Their unity is so strong that they have nothing but love for the traditional owners. Melbourne has a system of developing strategies to save their aboriginal communities and expand the culture. Melbourne represents around 140 cultures.



They also wholeheartedly love and support every culture from every part of the world. There are about 100 languages spoken in Melbourne. With English being the main one, other popular languages are Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, and Vietnamese. The diversity is high here and the unity is even stronger.


The seasons in Melbourne are a bit unpredictable and this is the city where you can see a lot of changes. No matter what weather it is, make sure you carry an umbrella and dress up in layers so that it is easier to take off or wear back your clothes. The summer is hot and springs are mild with a mild warmth. Autumn is the same as spring and winters are cool. Snowfall is very rare here.



Melbourne has some of the best facilities and services to the citizens and the migrants. This city is affordable and not so expensive for the services. Melbourne is also one of the cleanest, safest and healthiest cities in the world. Melbourne is also called Central Business District (CBD).


The centre part of Melbourne offers the most employment opportunities. Most of the employment opportunities are in the metal processing industries. Others include the manufacturing of transportation equipment and engineering. But these days, the employment opportunities are also increasing in the outer suburbs.



Some of the main services in the central city involve banking, insurance, accommodation, entertainment, retailing, and railway transportations. The financial centre of Victoria and government seat are at the central part of the communication network that links the city with entire Australia and the world.


Melbourne is the top in Australia to manufacture computers and is currently in the development of biomedicine and biotechnology. The local government handles the statistical division of Melbourne. And the government focuses on principal health, education, transportation services, and major decisions.


The transportation services are easily accessible. The most commonly used are trains and trams. Buses are also common and you will need a Myki card to pay for every transport. A Myki card is rechargeable and you can recharge it in convenience stores or train stations. Taking a bike ride around the city is also a good idea and Melbourne has some amazing lanes for a bike.


International Students in Melbourne

Melbourne is safe, affordable and has a world-class education system. These are the top features that all International students look for. You can get a lot of business opportunities and have a resilient environment. Even most of the people who live in Melbourne are International students, young professionals, and older couples.


Having International students in Melbourne also marks growth in the multicultural aspect of the city. Melbourne is one of the best cities for international students because of how student-friendly it is. Based on the population of International students, global recognition, world-class universities, quality of living, multicultural society, and more, Melbourne is Australia’s best student city.



The student services and facilities are excellent and the living standard is affordable as well. Even the regional centres are fantastic for students. Some of the high advantages for students in the regional centres are that the rents are cheaper. The community is active with active sports events and more. Transport and accommodations are also easily accessible.


The students also receive awards and recognitions as encouragement. All these make Victoria a global knowledge central for International students. Melbourne also has language learning services, and it is convenient in social and financial sectors. 


Some of the well-known universities of Melbourne are: University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Monash University, University of Ballarat, RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology, Australian Catholic University, LA Trobe University and Victoria University.


Fine drinks, dine, and … coffee !!!

Melbourne deserves a separate category for its food and drink. Foods and drinks are always something to get excited about no matter which part of the world you are. But Melbourne is one of the places made for food lovers.


Not only variations in food and drinks but Melbourne is the Coffee Capital of Australia. Unlike any other place, coffee is more of an art form for the Melburnians. You can try some of the best coffees made by some of the top baristas in the world. 


Coffee is like the drink for your soul in Melbourne. The signature coffee here is the Flat White, which is like a latte. You can also try other wonderful ranges of coffees like pour-over, green matcha coffee, cold-drip, and others like Tumeric infused lattes.



A famous place for coffee is the Brother Baba Budar in Little Bourke Street. Patricia is another place for top-notch coffee in Little Bourke Street.


With the fulfilling taste of coffee, you simply cannot miss out on the fresh delicious bakeries. Melbourne has a lot of alleyways and laneways filled with an endless number of bakeries. You will end up in one of the bakeries to try some of their best items.


Some of the best places for bakeries are Monarch Cakes and Europa Cake Shop at Acland Street. You can find the world’s best croissant at Lune Croissanterie. If you are vegan or allergic to certain bakery items then try Mister Nice Guy’s Bake Shop a bit away from Flemington Race Course.


Also, don’t miss out on Lune Lab to taste some amazing experimental flavours.


Melbourne is the city to devour some of the most delicious cuisines, both local and international. Some of the world’s best restaurants are also in this beautiful city Melbourne. Attica, Tonka and Flower Drum are some of the best with a flagship restaurant, The Press Club.


Local eateries are equally filled with the finest taste in their cuisines. You can find many international cuisines in the streets of Melbourne. All you have to do is get out and explore the laneways of Melbourne. They are easy to find and will please your tastebuds delightfully.



For a cheap yet extremely delicious feast, there are plenty of options as well. You can try the Hanoi Hannah’s for Vietnamese street food and Fonda Mexican for some delicious tacos and burritos. If you are in the mood for some Chinese then head over to China Town along Little Bourke Street for some delicious dim sum and other Chinese varieties.


A nice compliment with a bunch of delicious meals is a fine drink. Awesome ranges of drinks and beverages are available in the laneways of Melbourne. You can have refreshing cocktails at rooftops with the stunning ambience of sunsets. The environment is relaxing and you can also bring your own alcohol is you see the sign of BYO.


The locals love Naked in the Sky and Madame Brussels for drinks of Fitzroy. Fitzroy and Carlton have a bohemian ambience and you can enjoy your evenings here with your loved ones.


Thou shalt love the art

Art is one of the main attractions of Melbourne. The history, culture and people’s individuality embrace the art forms very firmly here. From the somehow rebellious and riotous street arts to the finest and the most remarkable pieces in the museums, Melbourne is one of the art heavens.


This is exactly why it is okay to explain a lot about arts and culture. And everybody loves music so it is another bonus for a wonderful time in Melbourne. Melbourne is a multicultural and diverse landmark on all forms of diversity. 



There are events and festivals focused on all people’s culture. The city has beautiful arcades with street arts inspired by Banky, an English graffiti artist. Moreover, there are a lot of markets with arts, crafts, and vintage ambience.


For an even better experience, there are museums and art galleries where you can dive in the endless possibilities of art forms. 


To begin with, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the most popular one in Melbourne. The NGV is Australia's oldest gallery and has more than 70,000 works inside. Among them are the Roman and Egyptian antiquities and other contemporary arts. There is also an influence of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Asian arts.


Then there is the Ian Potter Centre, the first-ever museum that specialized Australian Art. This museum has more than 20 galleries that portray the history of Australian Art. The contemporary art museum also has photography in the history of Australia. 



Not only these, but there are plenty of other decorative pieces that include the fashion transition, prints and others showing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art. Also, visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art at Bulleen to know more about Australian artists.


If you want to know the history of Melbourne then visit the Immigration Museum to learn about the immigrants of Victoria and how they built this state. Also, Melbourne Museum is one of the flagship museums has 8 galleries. This museum focuses on culture, history and even the natural environment.


Some of the events to enjoy arts and culture here are Melbourne Fashion Week, Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, and other multicultural events.


Entertainment / Travel

Entertainment is a success in Melbourne for travel or if you want to live here. The ambience here itself adds vibrancy and there are very few or no dull days here if you explore the city well. From the celebrations to the festive events here, the time here is nothing but amazing.


Apart from food and art, Melburnians also love films, television, and digital advancement. The Australian Centre for the moving image (ACMI) focuses on the moving images of all forms and also on the internet and gaming.


Speaking of music, you can see live musical performances on local streets or at culinary hotspots. There are evening theatre performances that take place in the evenings. One of the best places for live music is Bird’s Basement jazz club.



Some of the events to enjoy your experience here are the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne Music Week, and other multicultural events. 


Moreover, Melbourne is the world’s sporting capital. In Australia, cricket - the gentlemen’s game - is a big deal. Many international cricket events take place in Melbourne including the T20 cricket world cup. 


The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) also holds Australian Football League from March to September. While International cricket matches are November through February.


Some famous sports events are Australian Open Tennis Championship, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, Surfing Championship, International cricket, soccer and rugby, the Melbourne Cup, Australian Football League, and more.



Next, there are stunning tourist attractions you can get to a few hours drive from Melbourne. There are many national parks and beautiful gardens you can visit to admire the beauty of nature.


Close to the Central Business District are Queen Victoria Gardens. Besides, it is the Royal Botanical Gardens where you can spot about 10,000 species of plants. 


Carlton Gardens in the Albert Part are other stunning gardens to visit. It is around the Albert Park Lake and you can catch an incredible sight of Melbourne’s skyline from here.


The alleys and arcades are another fascinations to explore. If you visit Great Ocean Road then you will find the world’s most famous coastal drives. The Great Ocean Road has a collection of limestone stacks of 12 Apostles.


This is one of the most iconic landmarks in Australia. Not only this but the highest observation deck of Southern Hemisphere, Eureka Skydeck 88, is in Melbourne as well. Federation Square (Fed Square) is also one of the main attractions.


Furthermore, for more enjoyment, Queen Victoria Markets, Rose St. Artist's Market, South Melbourne Market, etc., are amazing for shopping. From designer clothes to handmade pieces, you can have an awesome shopping experience here.


The Victoria Market is where you can shop fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, don’t miss out on the Highpoint Shopping Centre.


You can also learn about the unique and cute animals in Australia. You can find animals like the Tasmanian devil, platypus, and Echidna in Victoria’s National Park. With 350 species of birds in Australia, you can also spot Kookaburras, Lyrebirds, and Parrots.



Or, if you want more, you can take a Port Philip Bay cruise to witness dolphins and seal. And of course, the penguins of Philip Island will melt your heart. Melbourne Zoo has some exotic lizards and reptiles. Other animals are thai elephants and big cats.


In Werribee Open Range Zoo, you will encounter zebras, lions, and hippopotamus. Wildlife has always been a beauty that everyone admires. And Healesville Sanctuary in Yarra Valley is another destination to witness Australian wildlife.


Also, enjoy the beaches here in Melbourne. Some of the popular ones are St Kilda Beach and Brighton Beach. You can also enjoy the beaches of Kerford Road, Elwood Williamstown, and Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and Middle Park.


Some of the Suburban beaches are in Altona, Beaumaris, Bonbeach, Carrum, Hampton, Montone, Mordialloc, Sandridge, Sandringham and Black Rock, and Werribee South.


You can always trust the beaches of Australia.


Melbourne has the best lifestyle. It is also one of the places where you will have a unique experience that you are sure to love.