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Posted On

20 Mar 2020



Universities in Adelaide









Platforms To Find Work In Australia

Many international students in Australia work while studying. Even though international students are only eligible to work for 20 hours per week, it will be enough to cover up their living expenses. Are you seeking jobs with the same motive but don’t know where to get started? If the answer is “YES,” then here we present you a list of recommended platforms to find the work in Australia. Either it is a part-time or casual job, get started with any of the following options to find jobs in Australia. 




Hands of students searching for the jobs in websites


Wonderful news! There are different Australian job sites with millions of job openings in each site from casual roles to senior corporate positions. You can start from some popular and biggest job sites are Seek, Indeed, Jora and Adzuna. Each of the sites allows you to filter jobs based on type, industry, pay rate, and so on. Also, job alerts notify you about the jobs that match your criteria. 




Causual Student looking at the notice board


Work where you study! University also offers jobs for students. Therefore, it is also an excellent idea to trace the physical job board or job-site of the university you are studying at. For more details, you can contact the concerned person of the university. 




Phone with the LinkedIn app opened


Facebook & LinkedIn! If you do not have a Facebook and LinkedIn account, or either of it, then make one now! LinkedIn is the number one social media channel for job seekers. It allows you to build a professional profile and connect with different recruiters and leaders from all over the world. Besides this, you can also look up to LinkedIn when building your career in the future. 


With Job Search Engine, Facebook is also one of the popular social media for job seekers. You can find lots of job roles for students through distinct groups and pages such as Sydney Jobs, Melbourne Hospitality Jobs, and Perth Jobs. You can find relevant groups based on your location and criteria. However, some groups require you to update your current location. For example, you should have updated your current location to Sydney if you want to join the ‘Sydney Jobs’ group. You can apply for the jobs to relevant posts through Facebook Messenger. Facebook through its algorithm suggests and notifies you about jobs based on your history and preference.




Student cleaning a car


Perfect for students! Gig platforms provide powerful motivation for students to earn extra money, choose personal hours to work, and do what they enjoy. The economy is huge with various giant gig platforms such as Uber and Uber Eats, DiDi, Ola, Deliveroo, EASi, and AirTasker. Besides, students can also find freelancing jobs in Australia through original sites like  Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork


Tips for Newbie


  • Create a Professional Profile

  • Put accurate and relevant information

  • Avoid misleading information

  • Bid for Jobs

  • And ask for the review




Industry-specific jobs! You can also apply for jobs in the industry you desire to work for through industry platforms. Supp app, Scout Jobs, The Loop and Pedestrian Jobs to name a few. Be it hospitality work, be it media, publishing or other creative work, you can use industry platforms to search for the jobs. You can also check out Ethical Jobs to look for ethical jobs. They define ethical jobs as a job that contributes to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world. 


SOME Advice for Job Seekers in Australia


You will see loads of opportunities in Australia as a student. Finding part-time jobs while studying is one of them. But before you apply for the job, it is always the best idea to research on the employer whether they are legally running their business or not. After all, you don’t want to be used. Remember to avoid a situation like unpaid trial shifts. Last but not least, visit to know the information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations.