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Posted On

03 Mar 2020



Universities in Adelaide









Why is Australia best for Nepalese students?

Aspiration. Opportunity. Study. Work. Career. Live. Many reasons drive international students to Australia. Indeed, Australia is the dream destination of many international students, and Nepal is not an exception. After China and India, Nepal comes at the third-largest position as the source of international students in Australia on a student visa. The total enrollment of Nepalese students in Australia for higher studies is growing from 52,243 (48.4 per cent) in 2018 to 69,365 (33.5 per cent) in 2019. The data shows that Australia is the most favoured and best study destination for many Nepalese students. But the question is WHY? Because Australia has plenty more to offer. 

  1. More Established Nepalese Community
  2. Nepali as a commonly used language in Australia
  3. High probability of getting Visa with an easy application process
  4. Best Student-Friendly Cities
  5. Great Place to Study and Work
  6. Cost of Living
  7. Quickly satisfy your craving for Nepali food
  8. Friendly and Welcoming Multicultural Society
  9. Celebration of Religious events and Festivals
  10. Adequate support and assistance from different associations
  11. Top-class education with comprehensive courses and programs
  12. Australian Scholarships
  13. Research, Technology, and Innovation
  14. Global Recognition


More Established Nepalese Community


Group of hands showing a flag of Nepal

Image Source

As said, Nepal is one of the top source countries of international students in Australia in recent years. The Nepalese community is more established in Australia. It is also one of the reasons that make Australia an ideal study destination for prospective Nepalese applicants. 


Nepali as a commonly used language in Australia


Alongside the increase in Nepalese population, the Nepali speaking population has increased as well, with the Nepali being the third most widely used language in Tasmanian homes after English and Mandarin. As per the source, Nepali speakers in Australia have been increased from 27,156 in 2011 census to 62,002 in 2016 census.


High probability of getting Visa with an easy application process


Airplane on the blue passport

Image Source

Australia has simplified the students’ visa process. In comparison to other European countries like the US, the application process to study in Australia is quite easy. Additionally, the probability of getting a Visa is almost 100 per cent for eligible and capable students. With the student visa, Nepalese students can take part in a suitable course of study and also can bring a family member to Australia. 


Best Student-Friendly Cities


View of Sydney

Image Source

Australia has some of the world’s best student-friendly cities based on the desirability, affordability, university rankings, and job opportunities, and the overall cultural environment. According to the QS Ranking 2019Melbourne (3), Sydney (9), Brisbane (22), Canberra (23), Perth (26), Adelaide (41), and Gold Coast (84) located in Australia are some of the best cities in the world for students. 


QS Best student cities ranking 2019: Australia

QS Best student cities ranking 2019: Australia


Alongside studying in famous universities with excellent academic programmes, Nepalese students can also experience livability and vibrant city life of Australia. Australia also has much more to offer in terms of fantastic landscapes. 


Great place to Study and Work


Every Nepalese student going to Australia has expectations and plans. Regardless of their ideas, the final motive is to gain meaningful work experience, either they live in the country or return to their home country. On a positive note, the Australian government has allowed international students to work 20 hours a week while studying. The students are eligible for full-time work during holidays and college breaks. Students can work in different sectors from retail, hospital, tourism, to agriculture, sales, and other areas.


Students working on a coffee shop

Image Source

Working while studying is the perfect solution for Nepalese students to cover their living expenses on the one hand and gain essential work experience. International students also get excellent post-study work options. Nepalese students get work permits in Australia like none other.  


Cost of Living


Even though Australia has a high living cost, it also has a high standard of living with quality facilities. The facilities include education, healthcare, transport, infrastructure, and government services. So, Nepalese students get quality life and quality education together in Australia. Also, the cost of living in Australia is comparatively lower than that of the USA and the UK. 


Easily satisfy your craving for Nepali Food 


Nowadays, Nepalese students can enjoy the unique taste of Nepali cuisine in Australia as well. From Sel Roti to Chicken MoMos, Nepalese students can satisfy their craving for Nepalese food with the availability of Nepalese restaurants in almost all the student-friendly cities. 


A bowl of Nepali food on a table

Image Source

Whenever you crave for Nepali cuisine in Australia, you can check out the list of the following restaurants at your convenience location. 

Melbourne: Nepal Dining Room

Sydney: The Muglan

Brisbane: Himalayan CafeKathmandu Newa Chhe’n

Adelaide: Gurkha’s RestaurantNamaste Nepalese Restaurant

Perth: Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant and CafeSummit Nepalese Restaurant

Hobart: Danphe RestaurantKathmandu Cuisine

Canberra: Origin NepalChomolungma Cuisine 

Darwin: Spice of HimalayaKebab and Momo House


Friendly and Welcoming Multicultural Society


Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the whole world popular for a warm and welcoming environment. 


Group of Multicultural students sitting on a table

Image Source

Nepalese students can expect to see people from different nationalities, religions, and cultures in Australia. Exciting opportunities await in Australia for international students. 


Celebration of religious events and festivals


Australia welcomes and respects religion from all over the world. Interestingly, Hindu is the fifth most celebrated religion in Australia with the presence of temples in almost every capital city. There is also a place of worship for Islam and Buddhist followers. Furthermore, the Nepalese Hindi Society of Australia (NHSA), serves all Hindus living in Australia by giving information on religious events and festivals. It provides Nepalese students with the opportunity for gatherings and reunion. 


Popular Nepathya band performing on Australia

Image Source

Also, keeping in mind the taste of Nepali students in Australia, different organisations organise Nepali concerts of famous artists on a massive scale. 


Adequate Support and Assistance from different associations


Some of the critical support networks like Nepalese Australian Association (NAA) and Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) provide sufficient support and assistance to Nepalese population living in Australia. These associations are also divided as a branch in different Australian cities. Nepalese Community in SydneyNepalese Association of Victoria (NAV), Nepalese Association of Queensland (NAQ), Nepali Association of Western Australia (NAWA) and Australia-Nepal Friendship Society Canberra (ANFS) to name a few. 




Top-class education with extensive courses and programs 


Australia is well-known for a world-class education with an array of diverse courses available. No matter what field Nepalese students choose, they can find a subject of their choice in Australia. 


Educational Objects are drawn in blackboard

Image Source

Students get the privilege to get a quality education from the top professionals. Also, the students qualified with an Australian degree hold a competitive advantage to build a career anywhere in the world. 


Australian Scholarships 


Not everyone can fund their studies in a foreign land. But on a hopeful note, it becomes affordable for eligible students to fund their education with Australian Scholarships. Scholarships help to lower the cost of education for Nepalese students. Different concerned authorities in Australia like universities and colleges, government, public and private enterprises offer a list of scholarships.


A woman holding a flower on her graduation day

Image Source

Some of the scholarships are designed for Nepal natives. As per the source, “the ‘Australia’s IDP Education’—international education giant has secured a scholarship for the deserving Nepalese students to get quality overseas education.” Hence, the scholarship also plays a vital role to make Australia one of the excellent study destinations for Nepalese students. 


Research, Technology, and Innovation


Australia is at the forefront of technological innovation. The Australian universities have majorly invested in research in all fields of science, medicine, and technology. 


Botanical Research

Image Source

Nepalese students studying in Australia are exposed to research and innovative teaching techniques. International students are more connected than before. Scientific research directly adds value to quality education. The potential for success in Australia is boundless.  


Global Recognition


Worldwide recognition of Australian education

Image Source

Australia universities are placed in the top 100 universities in the world. Also, the course and training for international students are authorised by the Australian government with the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). Hence, most of the countries around the world highly regard and give recognition to Australian Qualification. Nepalese students can work anywhere in the world with an Australian degree. 


As a Nepalese student, which reason convinces you the most?