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Mentors | Sudip Shrestha

Plan your career with executives working for Australia's leading companies

Our Mentor Program enables you to gain first-hand experience to make your experience in Australia more enjoyable and easy.

Sudip Shrestha

Sudip Shrestha

Registered Nurse

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“Your journey to success is never smooth. If you fall down then get up, struggle and just fight it. The achievement is much more satisfying than what it took you to get there.”

Joined because of the facilities available in Australia for students, Sudip left Nepal in 2008 and is a registered nurse now. Sudip advice young ones to have references and a good connection with people because it is one of the best sources to gain information. He also had a hope in the foreign land thinking that he is not the only one there going through the same phase of failure. Disappointments are normal and it keeps on coming, so he says that your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. As a mentor, Sudip advice to choose the subjects you want carefully because recognizing your goals is important to achieve it. Many things will fall out if hand and he says “a smooth sea doesn’t create a brave captain”.

Student Queries To Sudip Shrestha

  • How do I find a job? minus icon for close question plus icon for open question

    When you reach to Australia as a Student but still be working as a part-time employee, it takes a little time for you to get to know about the system and culture. As soon as you get familiar with places and manage your basics, you can start looking after any jobs which can support your financial need as well as boost your skill. As an international student in Australia, you shouldn’t think of getting dream jobs at first go.

    You can find a job in Australia through many jobs finding sites and as well as through the links you have of the people already living in Australia. You can go through some of the websites below.

  • Yes! You can go back to your home country whenever you can manage it. Managing to go back every year to your home might be very costly and not education friendly. 

  • It is always better to study the course that is aligned with your current interest, profile and it also needs to be in demand. Basically, there are numerous courses you can join after completing B.A in English literature. You can choose from either a Masters in Media, Advertising, or Public Relations. Likewise, there are numerous other courses you could choose from. 

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