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Mentors | Abhishek Adhikari

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Abhishek Adhikari

Abhishek Adhikari

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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“Life itself is the biggest challenge, there are failures and lots of disappointment. But there is always a choice possible for your dreams. If you can't find a way, then make one. Stay strong and just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Abhishek, a true 90’s kid is also a big dreamer which is especially a common thing among all the other 90’s kids. Facing a lot of struggles and keeping himself calm during his phase of isolation, he shares his experience of hardship and failure and still managing to accomplish his dream. From reminiscing the happy days of Nepal to facing lonesome days while he was struggling at the hospital, he learned and firmly believes in “no fact, no figure, no data - no acceptance”. As a mentor, he speaks to pass inspiration to the young ones that they alone are enough to make their dreams come true. And he himself finds inspiration from everywhere he can. Be it a dialogue from a movie or something that strikes motivation to him with a message from a fortune cookie. Struggling with health issues, he was also depressed that he will not be able to fly a plane with a white shirt with a couple of stripes on his shoulder and dragging his bag through the airport terminal every day. But, “if he can’t fly, he can fix it”. He is now an aircraft maintenance engineer who is making people’s dream of flying come true. He is also a PR holder now which he received on his birthday.

  • What made you choose Australia as your educational destination? minus icon for close question plus icon for open question
    Australia has always been my dream place to live ,the weather the cities and multicultural society and the cricket was-is always the main reason..beside having a family here was always been a reason to wonder more and more about Australia ..and being an average (May be bit better than average) student took me nowhere scholarships -no Nepali university and no better education and obviously oversea(like Australia) was only option left.
  • I guess Money managing was one of the main issue I had..still be honest I was never jobless..In fact I never had less then 2 jobs(student life) but myself being diabetic type 1(and me also being Nepali passport holder)-insulin dependent-I’d you don’t know../,was paying around 350-400 $ /wk on my medication and yes lifestyle is not cheap as well..but to be honest money can’t never be an issue in Australia though..unless you don’t work or waste too much unnecessarily.
  • Yes Plenty of time..most of the time working too much or doing same things again and again everyday during odd hour made me very much stressed and depressed(was really bad when I was working night shift all by my self in 7-11 store-Brisbane) ..I used to talk to myself a lot keep smiling to myself thinking of past days in Nepal ..lots of time get noticed By others (hope they didn’t though I was crazy-weirdo).. Anyway thinking about me ,my plans-dreams and family (back home ) always was enough to keep me on track also changing job has always worked fine with me.
  • I am not a perfect person I do have so many weakness-greed-fear-but I guess that’s someone had said “such is life!” got to accept who-what you are and most of the time go and keep going.. life is itself so risky..nothing is so permanent so may be next time is your if not this time..I believe just like ever normal-ordinary person ,I am scare with risk would be so perfect if there was just taking no risk!but I guess it’s experience with mix of both success and failure that makes you perfect in embracing risk taking-which I am not so good with.still learning ..not really good advisor in this topic to be honest!!
  • I got sick and was hospitalised (stayed there for 3 days)...believe me I have helped so many people so far with job-accommodation -money or moral-social support..but when I was in hospital no-one was there for me one at all ..I was disappointed..when I was mate some people after few weeks I said how disappointed I was not seeing them there by my side even though I had helped them so much ..all I heard wasn”sorry I was busy” since then I like to decide on the facts and figures only don’t mind what anyone calls me..and by the way that’s what my job thought me as well “no fact,figure no data -no acceptance"
  • Well I am 90s kid aviation was everything.. I had a dream someday I’ll be wearing white shirt-with couple of strips on my shoulder and dragging my bag through airport terminal as a daily job ,unfortunately diabetes killer my dream .i was disappointing and broken anyway life has to go on .so I thought of my self “if I can’t fly -I’ll fix it” offence to anyone but here I am challenging my own religion by making human fly...I feel proud..I guess
  • I Have so many good and bad memories..I think best one is -My PR application was acetone my birthday..I got PR on my birthday ..which is and will be always something to smile about.
  • Don’t let anyone say what you can and can’t do(actually it’s from one of will smith’s Movie but I made it mine) honest to yourself have a dream-desire and then make a plan be honest to your plan..and just like Dori says “just keep swimming“
  • Ask yourself two important questions, not just as student but I guess all the time(I got this from fortune cookie)
    1)what do you want to do for living?
    2)what do you want to live for doing?
    Answer these to yourself and May be try getting single answer for both the questions.

Student Queries To Abhishek Adhikari

  • Is a University better than a College in Australia? minus icon for close question plus icon for open question

    A University is better than a College in Australia but it has its own merits and demerits. In the context of Australia, Universities are able to grant degrees. However, colleges are only able to grant diplomas or certificates, not degrees. Besides that, colleges are small and are more focused on local students. On the other hand, Universities consists of both domestic and international students.  

    Universities are considered to be expensive but are more prestigious than colleges. Likewise, Universities offer further studies such as Master’s Degree Doctorate Degree and Post Doctorate Degree.

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