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Mentors | Meena Gauchan

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Meena Gauchan

Meena Gauchan

Supply Chain Specialist

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“Never give up, failures are lessons and everything is possible with the right fusion of patience and hard work.”

Meena Gauchan, like any other ordinary student, came to Australia to join a well-reputed college - in her case - Wollongong University. But what makes her experience different is that she chose courage over comfort, making her fearless and being able to gain a degree in MBA and MPAcc. She explains that there is a huge difference in planning a map out and implementing it in a real life, calling it a transition between home and alien space. Just like everyone else, she struggled with maintaining her academic expectations, finding a job and managing her living expenses too. She says that the highs and lows are inevitable and things won’t change overnight. Everything is a stepping stone and her recipe to success are: never to give up, never be afraid to fail, work hard, have patience and believe in yourself.

  • What made you choose Australia as your educational destination? minus icon for close question plus icon for open question
    Two reasons:
    1. I chose Australia to pursue my Master’s Degree at Wollongong University due to its reputation as Australia’s top university and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made because it has given me a world-class education in a unique student environment.
    2. Self-exploration was another big reason to embark my journey in this “Land of Kangaroos”. It was important for me to know and to discover the “real me”, out from my comfort zone. Hence in the process, I choose to be vulnerable so I can learn. I choose courage over comfort so that I can be fearless. I obsess over the unknown so that I can have an infinite amount of fulfilling experience. I chose not to limit myself so I stop being stagnant.
  • When you’re at home almost everything is mapped out for you, so it’s easy. But when you step out of your comfort zone, you suddenly realise that you are on your own and this was one of the most challenging aspects of my transition between home and this alien space. Along with it, learning to manage my academic expectations, finding jobs to pay my living expenses/university fees and at the same time learning a different culture to be a part of it.
  • The irony is, we're brought up with the understanding that failing is bad and punishable, hence we fear mistakes. I have been in Sydney for the last 18 years and I can vouch for the fact that this was not an easy journey. I had so many highs and lows, both in my student life and career. For me, things didn’t change overnight, but I’ve learnt that dedication and perseverance often trump everything else. And so, I encourage you to never give up –take every failure as your learning curve, remain focused and try not to lose sight of the bigger picture of your dream.
  • I believe in myself and fear nothing. Whenever I take a risk and fail to succeed, I always view it as a challenge, which means I never technically “fail” since there is always something to learn and to improve.
  • I have grown so much as a person over the past 18 years but I have to admit, there were many instance when I thought I wouldn’t make it through. Having said that, there were many moments that defined my journey to becoming who I am today.
    1. My Graduation Day March 2004.
    2. Getting my Permanent Residency in 2005.
    3. Getting my first corporate job in “Woolworths Head Office” in 2006 after working several jobs such as housekeeping, cleaner, sales job and deli assistant in different companies.
  • I take an immense pride in every job I’ve done in the past. Be it cleaning, housekeeping, door to door Optus sales, Deli Assistant job. They have all been a stepping stone, have contributed so much to my personal growth and have provided me with a great platform to reach where I am today.
  • My most memorable moment was staying within a budget while studying as a student and constantly thinking/worrying about the semester fees.
    My worst incident was standing up in front of my class and having my mind go blank for 2 mins during my university presentation.
  • 1. Firstly, “Believe” in yourself, as we are not all created equal, never try to compare yourself with others.
    2. Never give up, don’t be afraid of failure, make mistakes and learn from them.
    3. Positive attitude, Hard work and Patience.
    4. Look for a mentor you admire and look up to who can guide you.
  • 1. Do your research and gather as much information on university/college that you’re applying and find out exactly how much you have to pay to cover study costs and living costs.
    2. Please ensure you choose the right agency which works in the best interest of students.
    3. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for unpredictability once you land in Australia as you will no longer be spoon-fed.
    4. No one has it easy all of the time so it’s also important to remain positive and to remember that things won’t stay this way forever. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Student Queries To Meena Gauchan

  • Can I enter Australia before my OSHC starts? minus icon for close question plus icon for open question

    No, one cannot arrive in Australia before the OSHC starts. The Department of Home

    Affairs work meticulously to maintain compliance of health insurance in Australia.

    If you do not have OSHC plan when you arrive in Australia, you are in breach of student visa condition, which could cause many problems, with the rejection of visa being the major one. As such, you must not enter Australia before your OSHC has begun and

    you must not remain in Australia without health insurance. If you arrive in Australia

    before or after the date of your OSHC commencement, you will need to update the

    coverage duration of your OSHC policy.

    OSHC is required when applying for the student visa

    You cannot get a student visa without submitting a valid overseas student health cover

    for that period. You cannot enter Australia without a valid visa. International students

    from some European countries might not require OSHC as they have reciprocal health

    care arrangement with Australia.

  • It’s always good to get connected with people rather than feeling lonely. While being connected through culture, the bond gets closer and stronger while we get to know about the culture that next person. Through the exchange of lifestyle, you can feel like home in a foreign land surrounded by people with uniqueness. Australia is rich in culture and has diversity in it.

    The culture of Australia is primarily a Western culture, to some extent derived from Britain but also influenced by the unique geography of Australia, the cultural input of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other Australian people. The dominant religion in Australia is Christianity, with about 52% of the population identifying as Christian.

    Australians are generally laid back, open and direct.

  • Well scope of MBA is high today. Its outcome depends on why you are willing to study MBA. If you have an interest in business and planning to be a business person in later days choosing MBA is a good idea for sure. While Master’s in accounting is an excellent course in itself, you can still gain a lot of opportunities through the MBA course.


    However, if you want to apply for abroad study and choosing MBA, Your choice is right if your interest runs in business. Nothing is hard, or fact like this is the correct option.  After your MBA, you can return to your country and start your own business with the ideas and knowledge you gained through your MBA.

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