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Mentors | Kiran Kc

Plan your career with executives working for Australia's leading companies

Our Mentor Program enables you to gain first-hand experience to make your experience in Australia more enjoyable and easy.

Kiran Kc

Kiran Kc

Technical Team Leader (Civil & Construction)

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“Don't let anything drag you down. You are not the only one, everybody goes through struggles at many points of your life. Keep your determination strong and continue the fight.”

Kiran Kc, who works as a civil engineer now, started his journey to Australia in the year 2007. According to his experience, he believes that proper time management is the key to balance your study, job, and social life. He, as a mentor, says that hard work is a must and an unbreakable determination will lead you to success. Believing in yourself is equally important as it keeps you strong throughout the ups and downs of life, which he considers as just a part of the journey. What you struggle for is preparing you for the better tomorrow. Kc’s result of ending up with his dream job of a civil engineer is what makes every struggle count according to him.

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