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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to G2A, a free online student advisory portal through which a student can have access to his/her necessity for going abroad for studies. G2A focuses on providing reliable sources for international students regarding their career, important documents, and most importantly their future education.


These terms and conditions are for the confirmation that the users acknowledge and agree with the terms of services mentioned. If the users do not agree with the terms of service then they will not be liable for all the services as mentioned.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to your roles and responsibilities as a user and have shown your acknowledgment of all the details. You shall not violate the terms, laws and/or cause any destructive actions.


Acceptance of Terms

  • The contents of the website including the visual media are solely based on informative purposes. There can be subject to change in the future without notice.

  • The users shall be fully responsible for agreeing on the information on the website and we shall not be liable for the users’ risks and responsibilities.

  • Reproduction of the intellectual property of the website including the design, layout, graphics, visual media, and other contents owned by us are subject to copyright and any infringement can lead to legal actions. This also includes the sole idea of our Gift Pack system.

  • The contents reproduced on the website that isn’t owned by us are acknowledged and shown properly with recognition to the respective trademarks.

  • G2A does not charge for the Gift Pack and there is no refund policy for the gift pack. Once the Gift Pack is claimed by the student (User), they cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged. 

  • The payment of processing is to be done to the consultancy that students have chosen among the options we have provided. We do not own rights any payment procedure and/or amount that the consultancy decides to take. The Gift Pack is part of G2A’s service and cannot be claimed through the consultancy.

  • Unauthorized use of the website might lead to damage, to which G2A might take legal action for a criminal offense. In case of any disputes arisen, it is subject to the law under the Australian Government.

  • Since the contents are based on informative purposes, users are not allowed to use it publicly and/or for their own commercial use. G2A is a free advisory portal for students but all the intellectual properties are solely owned by us. The contents are not for sale and other unlawful activities. Also, in any event of a breach, legal actions can be taken. 

  • Our products and services might not be compatible with all countries. We are slowly extending our services globally and the users are advised to have a thorough talk about it through inquiries on our website.

  • Users might need to submit an inquiry or submit a question to our mentors. In that case, we will need  your name, email, and phone number as registration details. G2A will keep all your private information protected and these are only for the purpose of forming a contact and maintaining communication for the reason(s) you register. G2A will not misuse, abuse or make any wrong use of your details.

  • G2A will also contact you through SMS, emails, and phone calls to maintain clarification about the details that the users seek. G2A will ask for students’ academics through email. G2A shall also notify students about the appointments and also give reminders through SMS and phone calls. We shall only maintain contact for the students’ purpose and as the responsibility and part of G2A service.

  • Users who fail to meet the G2A requirements are not allowed to use our products and services. Minors are allowed to use the information for the purpose of their own knowledge and understandings only. For in-depth contact, they should register their inquiries with their personal details as mentioned above.

  • G2A is not associated with any universities and colleges and we do not have any direct links to them. G2A has general information about the universities such as the courses they provide, the fees for their courses, their location/branches and the link to their official website. We do not maintain direct contact with them for students since these are included in the services of consultancies with which the universities are linked.


Refund Policy

G2A does not have any refund or exchange policy since our services are free of cost. Moreover, if you have any uncertainties, you can contact us within a feasible time for G2A to make acceptances. You can directly submit your issues Here.